Reasons To Repair A Transmission In Plano

Checking your transmission fluid level and ensuring you are using the correct type of fluid is vital to the life of your transmission, as well as the proper performance of your vehicle. Your vehicle owner’s manual will recommend brands and types of fluid specific to your make and model. If you have no owner’s manual, your local auto parts store can advise you on the subject.

When checking your fluid level, you should first allow your vehicle to warm up. Then, park on level ground before attempting to check. Parking on a hill could result in your fluid level measuring too low or too high. For an automatic transmission, there will be a dip stick under the hood, much like checking your oil. Simply pull the dip stick, wipe it clean, reinsert it and check to be sure the fluid level meets the fill line on the dip stick. With a manual transmission, the fluid level is analyzed through the fill plug located along the transmission case.

If your fluid level is low, you more than likely have a leak. This could be indicated further by a puddle of red fluid underneath your vehicle that smells similar to anti freeze. Any leak would be a reason to see a mechanic to Repair Transmission Plano.

Another common transmission issue would be hesitation or failure of gear engagement. You may notice a longer than usual delay when switching from park to drive or reverse. In some extreme cases, you may see a more lengthy delay. Maybe you stop at a traffic light or stop sign. Then, when you attempt to start off again, you press the accelerator with no immediate results. Your transmission may whine or make a grinding noise before finally snapping into action. This could caused by a very low fluid level or a worn or damaged clutch.

In some cases, you may lose a gear completely. Your vehicle may still be operational, but you are unable to use reverse, over-drive or one of the gears in between. This usually indicates a more serious internal issue. Your transmission may need to be rebuilt or replaced in situations like these.

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