Reasons to Upgrade your Kitchen Countertops in Plymouth MN

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Home Improvement

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If you dislike going into your kitchen and seeing the drab countertops in your Plymouth MN home, then you may need to upgrade your kitchen counters to look better and last longer. Over time, counters can look old, used and stained, making it a difficult task to enjoy cooking and cleaning your kitchen. However, upgrading to granite or another type of countertop could be a breath of fresh air into your home.


While there is no doubt that granite is an expensive upgrade, it will liven up the area and even provide value to the home later. It is possible to go to home improvement stores and purchase granite counters, but many people in Plymouth MN find that purchasing their granite from a manufacturer and installer works better, as they have professional installation, as well as quality granite.

It may be beneficial to get a couple of estimates from different companies to find the one best suited to your budget. However, also keep in mind that cost isn’t the only consideration, and check the company for trustworthiness, efficiency and reliability first.


Whenever it is time to sell your home, whether you want a larger or smaller space, you want the asking price to be as high as possible. Granite countertops can make your Plymouth MN home worth more to a buyer as the house will look more elegant and will have a quality and durable countertop for many years to come.

However, you will also have the value of the appeal factor. You will love going into the kitchen and seeing your granite countertop, and it can become a focal point for parties, as well. The kitchen is likely to be the favorite area of the home for everyone, so it will be a great addition to any home.


Nothing in life is indestructible, but granite countertops are extremely durable. Unless you take to cutting directly on the counter or like to experiment with acids, you will likely find that the granite will stay looking fresh and new for many years. It can withstand scratching and water rings, as well, so long as the granite is sealed periodically.

While there are specific care instructions that should be followed, it is quite easy to clean and maintain granite, so there is little worry about the length of time it takes to clean. Most people wipe down their counters many times per day anyway, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Countertops in Plymouth MN can be found and installed through Granite Unlimited Inc.


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