Reasons Why You Need An iPad Conference App

While iPads are definitely not as common as iPhone or Android phones, having an iPad conference app is important to ensure that all participates at your event have access to the information that they need. It is estimated by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project survey in 2012 that approximately 35% of Americans owned some type of a tablet device with iPads leading the way over tablets.

Not surprisingly, because of their specific type of use and cost, income levels tend to dictate the ownership of these devices. The highest percentage of people owning a tablet device were those 16-17 at 46%, followed very closely by adults age 30-49 at 44% and then those 18-29 at 37%. This means that two of the three top groups of people most likely to attend professional development conferences are the highest percentage group to own this type of device.

iPad Conference App Benefits

The features of the iPad, including mapping, navigation and even social networking through Twitter can be pulled into the app, allowing the app to virtually become an information source for everything about the conference.

This can range from ideas on where to go for lunch and navigation maps to get you there to having your Twitter feed right on your iPad screen while you are in the iPad conference app.

Marketing and Branding

Sponsors and exhibitors will be able to use banners, logos and icons on different pages to highlight their products and services right on the iPad conference pages. This not only increases their visibility but also makes finding companies and businesses a very simple process. At trade shows and fairs as well as for conference display areas this is a major feature.

However, besides just being an advantage to your exhibitors and sponsors, it is also a marketing and branding tool for the conference itself. You can fully customize the iPad conference app to display the conference title, theme and colors, keeping your audience aware of who is hosting and presenting the conference.

Although the iPad conference app may include everything one could need, it is actually very streamlined and very easy to use. It works that same as any app with a simple tap on the screen. The different features of the iPad conference app also allow you to resize using pinch and pan features, which is a key tool for the iPad user.

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