Refrigeration Containers And The Pharmaceutical Industry

Aug 14, 19 Refrigeration Containers And The Pharmaceutical Industry

Refrigeration containers are an essential component of today’s consumer society. Companies use them to transport and store a wide variety of goods. Without them, we would not be able to purchase certain types of fruits, vegetables, and other items at the grocery store. However, these intermodal container type, sometimes called reefers, are also indispensable in shipping and preserving other types of goods, including those for the pharmaceutical industry.


Reefers are refrigerated shipping containers capable of safely transporting and storing perishable goods and items. Anything temperature-sensitive requires shipment through refrigeration containers. This equipment is available in diverse sizes to accommodate both small and large amounts of cargo. They can come as simple refrigerated devices or combine refrigerator and freezer capabilities. Power sources can also vary, ranging from electrical to various fossil fuels.

Transporting Medicines

While shipping food is important, it pales when compared to the need to transport medicines. By being available for this action, these devices provide an essential service. They:

• Provide safe transport and storage of life-saving medications and medicines

• Allow greater access to medications. People who once could not obtain such medications can do so now. This includes countries with little or no pharmaceutical industries

• Can reduce the overall cost of drugs and other types of medications through increased client-base and augmented production

• Are able to provide mobile services and products to areas requiring them the most, including disaster or war-torn countries. Both aid agencies and the military can utilize refrigeration containers to ship medication, and other pharmaceutical material to areas where the need is the greatest

Overall, these containers make shipping and storing of such pharmaceutical products efficient and effective.

Pharmaceuticals and Refrigeration Containers

Until the development of reliable, high-quality refrigeration containers, it was next-to-impossible to ship pharmaceuticals safely. The availability of refrigeration containers capable of handling temperature and humidity- sensitive items now allows this practice. Today, pharmaceuticals can be shipped and stored anywhere, anyplace.

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