Reliable Gold Buyers In The Lincoln Park Area

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Shopping

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If you’re like most people, you’re living on a check by check basis just to get by. Most people are struggling just to pay bills and still buy groceries each month, due to the constant rise in gas prices and the ever rising cost of living. Unfortunately, as the minimum wage rate goes up, the cost of living rises alongside it, making even getting a better job or a pay raise pretty much pointless in today’s society. That’s why so many people turn to alternative means of getting money, like selling scrap metal or aluminum cans, selling their belongings in yard sales, pawning items at pawn shops, or selling their jewelry to Gold Buyers in Lincoln Park.

Selling your jewelry to a pawn shop or gold buyer, can get you some quick cash for gold and silver jewelry easily. If you’re strapped for cash, and need it quickly, then getting a loan usually isn’t the answer. Credit checks can usually cause even the most average person to get blocked from obtaining a loan they need. When it comes to paying off bills, medical expenses, hospital bills, buying medication that you desperately need, paying for auto repair services, or simply buying groceries to keep from starving until your next pay day, you need something that you can rely on quickly to get the money you need. That’s why selling your old jewelry to Gold Buyers in Lincoln Park can be something of a blessing for anyone in need of money.

You can take any real gold or silver jewelry in to their shop, and get it appraised for sale. If you deal with a pawn shop, you have the choice of doing a pawn loan so you can get the item back later on, or outright selling it like you would at other Gold Buyers in Lincoln Park. They will test the jewelry for its authenticity, by using chemicals to check whether they’re real gold or silver. They will also use a laser to check for real diamonds, and other methods for other types of gems. They will measure the item’s length for necklaces and bracelets, or size them for rings, and then weight the item to see how much gold or silver is actually in it. Once they have done all this, they will give you an appraisal of what they can safely buy it from you for.

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