Repairing Your Home with Structural Engineering in Weirton WV

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Foundation Repair

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A basement is usually used for storage and laundry facilities. Many times leaking or Bowed Walls go unnoticed until the damage is severe. This bowing can compromise the entire structure of your home. If not corrected, it could collapse causing very costly repairs. These repairs can include much more than just the wall itself. Other surrounding walls and structures could sustain damage from this collapse.

It is important to take notice of the basement walls. If there is leaking or any shifting in the structure, one should look into repairing this with Structural Engineering Weirton, WV. Catching issues early can make a big difference in the cost of repairs. It can also save in costs of damaged personal property.

Basement walls very often support the rest of the home. If there is sinking or if you have Bowed Walls there is a strong potential for issues with other parts of the home. A sinking or bowed basement wall can cause walls and floors that are supported to become uneven or cracked. These can pose serious safety concerns. Damaged walls can crumble causing the floor above to lose support. This lack of support can cause the floors to become weak. A weakened floor can be a very dangerous problem for you and your family.

Another serious issue is leaking. Water seeping through the basement walls can cause a damp environment that can pose many issues. Termites are attracted to warm moist areas. If leaking occurs near any wooded portion of your basement, this can create a good environment for termite infestations. Another issue is mold. The dampness can cause molds to grow in your basement. Spores from mold can cause health issues for your family.

If issues are seen or suspected, it is best to get them checked as soon as possible. A simple call to someone who specializes in Structural Engineering Weirton WV can get the assistance you need. A qualified professional can inspect your walls. They can determine any damage and give options for repair. Often a technician can give an estimate on repair costs for free. It is important to be aware of your basement. Checking for leaks and Bowed Walls can save a lot of money and keep you safe.

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