Rock Concert Injuries May Lead to Punitive Damages

If you go to rock concerts frequently (especially if you are a fan of Fishbone), you may want to be extra cautious due to the frontman’s penchant for crowd surfing. And if you’re ever injured at a concert or other special event in Ellwood, Pennsylvania, be aware that you should immediately contact your local personal injury attorney in Ellwood to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injury and any associated losses and damages.

Back in February 2010, a woman at a rock concert in Philadelphia suffered from severe injuries, including a fractured skull, fractured collarbone, and damage to her ear drum, when the lead singer of Fishbone leapt from the stage while performing and landed on her. The woman hired a personal injury attorney and brought a lawsuit against several parties, including Fishbone’s manager and the venue who hosted the performance.

Both the manager of the band and the owner of the venue sought a summary judgment in order to prevent the woman from seeking punitive damages. Punitive damages can be sought by a personal injury attorney in Ellwood in the event of injuries sustained at a concert due to the behavior of the band members (or others). Such awards seek to punish those who have behaved in injurious ways to others, including the plaintiff seeking them, in addition and in excess of other compensation that is awarded.

In this case, both the venue owner and the band manager claimed that they did not know the lead singer was going to leap off the stage, so they should not be held responsible for punitive damages. The woman’s personal injury attorney convinced the federal judge, however, that the band’s lead singer leaps off the stage at nearly every concert, that the promotion for the event included a poster of him leaping off the stage, and that he had, in fact, injured someone else previously in a similar incident. Therefore, both the owner of the venue and the manager should have known it was likely he would leap off the stage again and should have taken steps to prevent it. The federal judge decided that because of the previous incidents, the woman could legally pursue punitive damages.

Anyone who is severely injured at a concert or event as a result of the inappropriate or risky behavior of others may hire a personal injury attorney in Ellwood in order to seek compensation for medical expenses and loss, as well as for punitive damages from any party responsible.

Personal Injury Attorney Ellwood Injuries caused by the poor judgment and reckless behavior of others, no matter how unusual, can be fully pursued in civil court with the expertise of a personal injury attorney in Ellwood. Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George will advocate on your behalf while securing an appropriate award to compensate you for your losses.

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