Roofing in Rockland County, NY: Choosing a Contractor

Sep 04, 13 Roofing in Rockland County, NY: Choosing a Contractor

Roofing in Rockland County NY is an important service for the maintenance of a home. As such, homeowners must be diligent in using contractors who are skilled and experienced in proper roof repair and replacement, and who can work at a fair price. When you search for a roofing contractor, you’ll likely come across many companies that do this work. So how do you make a choice? There’s a lot to consider, but it is worth the effort to research your options. The time spent doing so can save a lot of frustration and money in the end.

Roofing companies generally offer free estimates, so make sure that you obtain several from different service providers. This estimate should be offered only after the contractor looks at your roof, and not over the phone. A phone quote is simply not good enough without knowing the full details of the job, and you should be wary. These are often low in order to attract customers. Later, other costs will be snuck in, which will increase the final bill.

You don’t want any surprises, so it’s a good idea to always get any details and promises in writing. This is for your protection and for that of the contractor. A contract will include important information about the nature of the job. The materials list will be included. All costs need to be shown in detail.

Before signing the contract, be sure to make sure that the contractor is legitimately licensed and that the company maintains the proper insurance. All permits need to be obtained. Finally, be sure that you know how the warranty works. You want to have the contractor fix any issues if the need arises after the initial work has been completed.

When considering the bids, take a good look at what all is included in the price. You may want to ask about the kind of training that is offered to the employees of the roofing company. Experience also counts. One helpful way to evaluate a contractor is to see them in action, so visit a site and observe their work.

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