Safety Matters With Soy Candles

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Home and Garden

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Have you ever experienced a really difficult day at school or work?  Those days that you come home just plain exhausted and that make you hope that tomorrow never arrives because that would mean more school or work?  Well, as difficult as days like that can be, you may take some comfort in the knowledge that there are many things that might help you feel refreshed and energized and generally better.  One such item that you may want to consider, is the use of scented Soy Candles.  Such candles have abilities to produce a great number of different aromas and smells, much of which are formulated to specifically help with certain feelings or moods, such as tension or stress.  As relaxing as it may sound to fire up a scented candle while getting comfortable and cozy, it is important to keep in mind a few safety items prior to using any form of candle products.

A key item of candle safety is that you really should keep candles away from the grasp of any and all pets and children.  Just about any candle is operated by way of some form of heat producing device.  Many candles use wicks to create and control their heat, yet other types use candle warmers to obtain the needed heat that is required in order to melt and begin giving off the desired fragrances.  Due to the fact that the vast majority of candles need to create some kind of heat, it is crucial to place them in a good place where they can’t be tampered by little paws or hands.  Pets or children could easily bump over Soy Candles and neither of them would really understand the potential dangers therein and it may even go completely un-noticed and then lead to a hazardous fire.

Another valuable safety concern is controlling the height of the wick on the candles that are wick-based.  Many manufacturers of Soy Candles say that you should clip the height of the wick to roughly ¼ of an inch.  A reason why this can be important is because if someone has a wick that is longer than the recommendation, then the fire may burn up the entire distance of the wick, creating a flame that is hazardously large and that might possibly promote or cause a fire.  As with other any other fire, the fires produced by wicks should be monitored carefully and watched to keep anything from catching fire that you do not want to catch fire.  Because of this, it is very important to burn or light candles in a designated place that is distanced from any flammable substances or materials.

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