Save Thousands When You Buy Pre-Owned Cars in Hickory Hills

Feb 05, 14 Save Thousands When You Buy Pre-Owned Cars in Hickory Hills

If your current vehicle has seen better days but you’re not sure if you can afford a new car, have you considered purchasing a pre-owned vehicle? Buying a pre-owned vehicle can save you thousands over the price of buying new and they often come with extended warranties, so you don’t have to worry about buying a lemon.So how can you get a bargain on a pre-owned vehicle? The one thing you want to look for when you go shopping for a car is cars that are certified pre-owned. Certified pre-owned cars in Hickory Hills go through a rigorous inspection process and are then reconditioned using only genuine parts. Certified vehicles often carry a factory warranty as if they were new.

Though a certified pre-owned vehicle can be considered a used car, it differs from a standard used car in that only authorized dealers are able to sell a car that is certified pre-owned. When you buy certified, you will not only know that it has been inspected and reconditioned, you will know its history as well. With a used car you often don’t know what it has previously been through and are sold as is, meaning as soon as you drive off the lot, any problems it has are yours and yours alone.

So where do these pre-owned cars in Hickory Hills come from? While it is common knowledge that the value of a car depreciates a great deal as soon as it leaves the lot, some people don’t care about this and they just want the newest model every year. As a result, newer used cars are then traded back to the dealer as soon as the new model comes out. Keeping in mind the depreciation hit that those cars took for just a short time of someone owning them, when those cars go back up for sale, the new owner will get a good price on a pre-owned car that is not even that old. Certified pre-owned cars are generally less than a few years old, so by buying pre-owned you could potentially get the car of your dreams, with all the bells and whistles, and save money in the process. Contact Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn for more information.

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