Secured Pet Boarding in Queens, NY

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Veterinarians

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Many situations come up leading to the need to find a place for our four legged loved one to stay for a short time. Since they are like a member of the family, it is very important that you are totally comfortable with leaving your pet behind. You want to make sure they are in a place that will take care of them and give you peace of mind. When you use a facility that is experienced in pet boarding care, it reduces the stress your pet could experience from being separated from the family. Pet boarding in Queens, NY at Howard Beach Animal Clinic provides a safe, clean and loving place to board your pet.As the parent, it is up to you to make sure your pet is properly cared for. They depend on you and trust that you are leaving them in a place where the staff knows how to take care of them. The same way you look for professionals when selecting child care, you want professionals who know pet care. Their boarding facility is well maintained with state of the art glass kennels, so your pet will not feel the isolation that is typically associated with metal kennels. Pet boarding in Queens, NY offers pet supervision throughout each day and night. This means your pet’s needs will be catered to; you can count on the boarding facility to deliver complete around the clock service. Stop by and visit their clinic and boarding facility anytime; they encourage unannounced visits, so pet owners get a real look at how well their pets are cared for.

When you use a boarding facility that is also an animal clinic, your pet is monitored by a staff that can spot any potential health problems. Using a boarding facility is better than leaving your pet with neighbors who are not equipped or prepared for boarding care. Their facility is clean, temperature comfortable and staffed with certified veterinarians. Your pet can expect frequent feedings and scheduled outdoor play for exercise. As the owner, you can bring special treats and toys that your four legged loved one is comfortable with to create a more calming environment. Your pet will be provided with complete grooming service to keep them pampered and smelling fresh. Your pet will be totally taken care of during their time away from you; your pet will be treated like it was their own.

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