Security Infrastructure And Penetration Testing In Houston TX

Doing business these days require some form of computer technology. For example, point of sale terminals use touch screen computers to make it easier to cash out customers, store managers use a main terminal to collect sales information from the POS’s, and regional offices use a VPN to collect data from the computers used by managers.

Many different types of infrastructures are put in place in may different kinds of businesses. Some of them are relatively simple, others are incredibly complex. No matter what kind of system is in place they all have the same basic requirements. All business IT infrastructures need to be connected, they need to be reliable, and they need to be secure. In most cases the operating system is able to diagnose connectivity problems in the network, addressing the issues of connectivity and reliability. Security is the main concern for most businesses.

In order to assure a reliable and secure network Computer Connection Of Central New York Inc offers Penetration Testing in Houston TX. To address security issues it is necessary to test the IT infrastructure with a battery of penetration tests. A series of tests can be run on a system to detect possible leaks in the network. Those leaks can then be addressed by security professionals and IT experts. Because there is such a wide variety of possible security issues it’s important to run penetration tests regularly. Running tests on a regular basis will allow businesses to operate without the risk of exposing their customers information to thieves and hackers.

Computer Connection offers Penetration Testing in Houston TX to help business large and small transfer data safely and securely. Hackers and other thieves are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate business networks. Just because an infrastructure is secure one day doesn’t mean it’s going to be secure the next time that system’s operating system updates. With every update and change in settings new security leaks could be created. It’s critical that those leaks be fixed before an attacker has the chance to penetrate the network and steal sensitive data. Penetration testing has been proven to be the most reliable way to detect security issues before a network is penetrated.

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