Selecting the Best Intercom Systems in Illinois

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Security System Supplier

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Selecting the best intercom systems in Illinois depends on many factors. Unless you know what you need, it is unwise to spend money on any system. Intercom, also known as an intercommunications device or a door phone is a very common feature in new homes. It is mainly installed in buildings and houses. The intercom functions independently of the public telephone network. They are a permanent feature in common vehicles and buildings. Whenever a person approaches the door, they will pick up the intercom. The phone will begin to ring on the other end (usually placed inside the house).

Modern intercom systems can also control other devices, such as door latches and signal lights. Thus, you don’t have to go all the way downstairs in order to open the door. Simply press the button on your intercom in order to unlock the door.

If you are looking to save yourself the hassle, you should consider purchasing an intercom. Many new intercoms also include support for audio and visual communication. Thus, you can also see who is at your doorstep before letting them in. However, before you go out to purchase any intercom system, it is important to know the different types of systems available in the market.

Permanent Systems

Permanent systems generally use an analog electronics system. However, many new features are also available in these models, most of which are focused on digital connectivity. They can now support voice and video signals too. Some of the systems can also be connected to computers in order to interface with several parties using a Cat 5 cable.

These systems are mainly installed in schools and other buildings. The system allows them to identify visitors at the doorstep and converse with them before letting them in. Because of safety concerns, most people usually keep their buildings locked at all times. Anybody who is trying to gain access to the building must talk to the residents before entering. The intercom also has an unlocking mechanism, which opens the latch on the door.

Portable Systems

Portable intercom systems in Illinois are mainly used for special events. Production crews and sports teams use these systems in order to maintain effective communication with each other. They are available in both wired and wireless variants. They are mainly used in theaters and common concert halls. They are also found on motor sports race tracks. Often times, emergency medical technicians also use intercom systems in order to communicate with each other on and off the field. Before you buy any system, make sure you talk to an expert. They will guide you on the different models available.

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