Services Offered by a Moving Co in Conway, AR

A Moving Co in Conway, AR residents have access to will provide many services when it comes to residential commercial, local, or international moving. Whatever moving services or storage facilities are needed, Doss Moving & Storage will meet their needs.

Packing Sometimes people need to move in a hurry, and they don’t have much time to pack. They can hire a moving company to pack their things for them. They will carefully wrap and pack the items so the homeowner has one less thing to worry about.

Storage If someone is moving into a smaller place than they were originally at, all of their belongings may not fit inside the home. They will then need to rent a storage facility to keep their items until they can make room for them, or they have found a bigger place to accommodate everything. The Doss facility has an on-site storage area where residents can keep their belongings.

Custom Crating There are some items that require a crate before they can be moved. This is especially true for large items or items that are expensive. Doss will create a custom crate that will fit the item perfectly. Paintings and glass items are two of the main items that crating is used for.

Vehicle Shipping If the owner is going to be driving a moving van they rented, they will not be able to get their vehicle to the new location. The moving company will be able to ship the vehicle to them instead. Vehicle shipping can also be done for someone who buys the car in one state and lives in another. Instead of going and picking up the vehicle, they can simply have it delivered to them.

No matter what type of moving service is needed, the Moving Co in Conway AR will be able to provide everything they need. Whether they need their vehicle shipped, a custom crate made, storage facilities, or their items packed, the Doss company can handle it all. They will work with their customers to ensure all of their needs are being met. Whatever moving services they need, the company will be sure to get them taken care of.

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