Sexual Harassment Can Be Stopped by Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester, MA

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Lawyers

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Sexual harassment is an on-going, horrible experience many women and some men go through at the ir work places, churches or just in everyday life.  It is particularly egregious if it occurs in the work place and continues without any relief. Sexual harassment in the work place creates a hostile environment which is against a number of federal and state laws. The U. S. Supreme Court has addressed the issue and handed down several strong rulings about sexual harassment. These rulings have given all courts the power to find any kind of sexual harassment illegal and punishable.

If you find a remark made by a co-worker offensive, you need to ask him to stop making this remark or any other similar remark. If he ignores the request, you have a justifiable reason to go to your management and ask for their intervention. If management passes it off as just a good ole’ boy laying some words out for you, take the matter higher in the company or file a lawsuit. A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester, MA can advise you about filing a law suit.

If the same person continues to ask you for a date after you have said no several times, this is also sexual harassment. While this may or may not be actionable, you should still raise the issue with your management if it occurs in the work place.

However, before doing any of these, it would be a good idea to keep a voice activated recorder handy so you can record these remarks. You can add the date and the time. This establishes an irrefutable record of the harassing remarks. Any picture or cartoon that you find sexually offensive, and is displayed in a public area is also sexual harassment. Again, you can ask for it to be removed and if it isn’t, you can use this to file a sexual harassment claim.

Any question about whether something or some act constitutes sexual harassment should be directed to a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Worcester, MA at Law Offices of Michael O. Shea because they have the experience to analyze your situation and advise you about the steps you can take. Sexual Harassment law suits are very effective, and you should not hesitate to seek legal advice. Visit their website.

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