Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield MA Says Don’t Put Up With Harassment

Workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment are serious issues that many corporations are addressing now with integrity. No one should have to come to work stressed out because of being harassed in one form of another. One of the more prevalent forms of harassment seen, both in the workplace and outside of it is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurs when unwanted advances are made against another individual in the form of gestures, innuendo and/or remarks. Such behavior does not have to be put up with, not even once. There are sexual harassment lawyers in Springfield, MA who are willing to fight for your rights if you feel you have been placed in this position.

As noted, sexual harassment often occurs in the workplace, and measures are being put into place to prevent these type of incidents from happening, or if they do happen, severe penalties are being enforced. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination which violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under this portion of the Act, discrimination against people based on sex, color, race, religion or national origin is against the law. Two types of sexual harassment exists that are readily dealt with: Quid pro quo, which happens when basis for employment are contingent upon compliance or non compliance of sexual demands, and the other is a hostile work environment. In this scenario, the employee becomes the recipient of sexual behavior, whether that is physical, verbal or otherwise, that makes it difficult or impossible for the employee to work successfully.

Michael O. Shea Law Office wants you to know that if you have been or feel you have been subjected to this type of abuse or behavior, that they will fight for you. They will help you if you have been wrongfully dismissed due to sexual discrimination or harassment. They will ensure that you get proper representation and proper reparations for any mental cruelties or damages as a result of sexual harassment at work. Remember, if you are in need of Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield MA, you can call upon the Law Office of Michael O. Shea for help.

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