Signs You Need New Windows In Bloomington IL

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Windows can be one of the biggest areas where heat or cooling costs can be controlled. This is particularly true if the windows need to be replaced. If your power bill is higher than it should be, inspect your windows for the following to help determine that it’s time for new Windows in Bloomington IL.

The first thing you should look for are signs of aging. If the windows are older, they will have one pane of thin glass. As it ages, gravy pulls the glass down. This causes gaps between the glass and the sill which can not only weaken the glass, but also allows air to escape. One sign that the window is older is outdated opening or closing mechanisms. These include crank or weighted systems and can also contribute to lower energy efficiency. Another indication of older windows is sun bleaching on your carpets, rugs, or furniture. Newer windows filter the sun’s rays which can cause fading.

You would replace the glass if it got broken, the same should be done if other parts of the window are damaged. Even if the glass is just chipped, it should be replaced to prevent it from shattering unexpectedly. You should look at all parts of the window, including the sill, frame, and jambs. If the wood is cracked or splintering, if the seal is crumbling, or if it is showing any other type of wear, it’s time to replace the window. Not doing so could cause air to escape, rising your heating and cooling costs.

Even if your windows don’t show signs of age or damage, they can still be allowing air to transfer between the house and the outside. You can tell if your windows are leaking if you feel warm or cool spots when you walk by, can feel a draft, or the curtains move on windy days. In the winter, if you put up plastic over them, they should also be replaced. Also, the windows are leaking if you can clearly hear what is going on outside, such as the neighbor’s dog, or traffic. If sounds can be clearly understood or appear as if they are in the home, the windows are leaking air.

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