Smart Tips on Buying the Perfect Mattress in Charlotte, NC

Shopping for a new Mattress in Charlotte, NC can be an intimidating experience. With so many brands, styles and firmness levels available, it’s no wonder consumers feel overwhelmed trying to make a decision. Luckily, there are some guidelines that will help you sift through your options and find a mattress that’s both comfortable and supportive. Below are some tips to help you find a new mattress that will help you sleep easy for years to come.

Think Twice About Plush Mattresses

Everyone loves the feel of a plush mattress, but think twice before you buy one. According to WebMD, most people are better off choosing a Mattress in Charlotte, NC that offers firmer support–especially if back pain is an issue. Soft mattresses may feel more comfortable at first, but they often fail to deliver the long-term support your back needs. If you still want an ultra-plush mattress, invest in a premium model to be sure you’re getting reliable lumbar support.

Don’t Worry About the Brand

According to Consumer Reports magazine, the brand of mattress you choose should be your last priority. Instead, focus on how each individual model feels to you. Is it comfortable? Does it offer support for your back or other problem areas like joints? Does it seem well-constructed? These are the questions you should focus on when you’re shopping. Being brand-loyal may cause you to pass over a mattress that fits your needs perfectly.

You May Not Need a New Box Spring

Although mattress manufacturers recommend purchasing a new mattress every 7 years, you may not need a new box spring after the same amount of time. Box springs typically stay in good shape far longer than the average mattress, so don’t feel pressured to buy a whole new set if yours is still serviceable. However, if your box spring is noticeably damaged or sagging, it’s probably time to upgrade it along with your new Mattress in Charlotte, NC.

Always Try a Mattress Out First

Never purchase a mattress without first trying it out. According to experts, you should spend around 10 minutes laying on a potential mattress in the position you normally sleep in. If it still feels great after your test-run, you may have found a winner.

A new Mattress in Charlotte, NC is an important purchase because it directly affects the quality of your sleep. For a great selection of mattresses.

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