Some Info on Pet Vaccines for Ann Arbor Cats and Dogs

Many pet owners assume that their only option for Pet Vaccines for Ann Arbor Cats and Dogs is their local veterinarian’s office or the closest pet hospital, but there are other options that are far lower cost and perhaps more convenient. The Humane Society of Huron Valley, found on the Internet at Sitename, has a number of pet care services ranging from basic exams to spay/neuters to microchips, and even a full range of pet vaccinations for both dog and cats. Some of the vaccinations that are available are detailed in this article.

The rabies vaccination is one of the most essential vaccinations for your dog or cat. These types of vaccinations are required by law, and you can make your choice of how often to get them. Many people choose the once a year vaccination, but the three year rabies vaccination is actually only slightly more expensive and will allow you to avoid bringing your pet in for another rabies vaccination for a whole three years. Many pets hate the very idea of having a shot, so this is where the three year rabies vaccination can be an excellent option for any dog or cat owner. If you choose the three year vaccination, you will need to show proof that your pet had a previous rabies vaccination.

Another important type of vaccination for both dogs and cats is distemper. Dogs will need to have a DHLPP vaccine, also known as distemper with lepto. You can get this in either a one year or a three year type. Cats will need to have a FVRCP vaccine, which also comes in either a one year or a three year type. As with the longer lasting rabies vaccine, many pet parents prefer to get the three year vaccine to save the pet from having to deal with yearly inoculations.

Dogs will also need to have the bordetella vaccination, which is a simple vaccine that can often be done concurrently with the other vaccinations. Cats will need to be vaccinated for feline leukemia. You can get any Pet Vaccines for Ann Arbor Cats and Dogs that you need at your local Humane Society, and often save a lot of money in the process.

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