Spring Mattresses: A Basic Guide

Mattresses come in all shapes, sizes and types. You can purchase your ideal from a wide assortment of models found in any mattress store in Jackson MS and throughout this state. While foam mattresses are increasingly becoming popular, the most common type of mattress found in American homes is an innerspring.

If you decide you need to purchase or replace your spring mattress, it is important you understand the different types of springs found in spring mattresses. Having sufficient information will make it easier for you to make an informed decision.
What is an Innerspring Mattress?
An innerspring mattress consists of two main parts. These are:

  • The wire coils found within the mattres
  • The padding on top of the coils

The firmness of your mattress, largely, depends upon the number of coils and their placement. Any mattress store in Jackson MS can tell you the density of the bed and the number of coils. This will help you decide on what type of bed you should purchase.

Coil Types

The coils of your mattress can be of several different types. These include:

Open Coil: Shaped like an hourglass, this, the oldest type of coil, is still in use. One coil is joined to the one next to it by helicals (small wire spirals). Works best but sags as it ages, often wearing out faster than more modern coil configurations.

Offset Coil: With a squared-off head, this type of coil provided a better contour. Being more cylindrical than open coils, the system becomes more durable.

Pocket Coil: Each of these cylindrical springs s wrapped in their own fabric pocket, hence the name.  They are great for sleeping separately but alone but less beneficial for heavier individuals.

Continuous Coil: Helicals connect a row of continuous coils. AS a result, these keep their shape longer and, therefore consequently you’ll find these mattresses may keep their shape longer, causing these mattresses to have an extended lifespan than other types of innerspring mattresses.

If you are looking for an innerspring mattress in Mississippi, you are one of many Americans who continue to rely on this type of mattress. Research what you want, first then head off to a retail outlet. A mattress store in Jackson MS can help you decide which type of coil, and therefore, mattress is best for your purpose and your pocketbook. Are you searching for the right mattress? Check out what our Mattress Store In Jackson MS has to offer you. We offer you sweet dreams at reasonable prices. Check out our selection online at .

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