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by | Dec 16, 2013 | Lawyers

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Although medical marijuana may soon be legal, it isn’t yet and some people have chosen to ignore that. Regardless of your opinion about marijuana it is still illegal, and if you are caught with it you will be charged for that crime. If you feel that you have been charged falsely, or that the charged you face are unjust, hire a California Drug Possession Criminal Defense Lawyer. Your lawyer will make your defense as viable as possible, and help you avoid jail time if possible. In some cases medical marijuana is excusable, but so far marijuana remains illegal. Medical marijuana is the only exception to the law, and necessary documentation will be needed to prove that such a defense is viable in a California court of law.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to circumvent the law and procure marijuana through illegal measures. Those people with definitely be in need of a California Drug Possession Criminal Defense Lawyer. If you are caught with an amount of marijuana that exceeds the maximum amount allowed in a persons possession, whether or not you have a physician’s recommendation, you can still be charged with a crime. For those who do not posses a recommendation from a physician any amount of marijuana found in your possession will be cause for arrest. Marijuana is legal for people who have the proper documentation, but it is still considered a controlled substance. Just like if you are caught with pills in your possession that you don’t have a prescription for, being in possession of non-prescribed marijuana is illegal.

If you have been found in possession of marijuana and charged with possession of a controlled substance, yet you have a physician’s recommendation, contact an attorney right away. If you do not hold a physician’s recommendation and have been found in possession of marijuana you should still contact an attorney, but you should expect to pay the consequences of your actions. Marijuana is still a controlled substance and should not be possessed by those who do not have the proper recommendation from their doctor, or criminal charges should be expected.

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