Steps in Civil Litigation with an Injury Lawyer in Mt. Prospect

The difficulties involved in recovering from a serious accident can be a real challenge. A serious injury will impact the emotional, physical and financial parts of your life. It is important for the injured party to work to recover these losses. The most effective method relied upon to achieve this goal is by civil litigation with an injury lawyer Mt. Prospect area. Browse website for more details.

Civil litigation includes the steps which occur during the lawsuit process. A legal dispute is often the result of communication between two parties that have gone badly wrong. Civil refers to a matter between two individuals, which involves a legal dispute. Litigation will involve the actions as they evolved during the dispute.

Filing the Lawsuit

The process of civil litigation will begin as quickly as the lawsuit is filed. The injured party will be referred to as the plaintiff during the course of this legal action. The plaintiff is responsible for listing the allegation or charges against the defending party. It is important that the plaintiff has the proof to backup these charges in a court of law and should consult with an injury lawyer Mt. Prospect area regarding proving a case.

Once the plaintiff has listed the charges against the defendant with the assistance of an attorney, the legal document will be drafted and served. The method for serving the lawsuit to the defendant is by certified mail or the sheriff in the county.

Providing the Details of the Injury

Civil litigation consists of many parts and is a complex process. One of the most telling parts of civil litigation involves the discovery stage. This stage will allow the plaintiff and defendant to complete a number of exchanges involving the details of the case.

There are four parts to the discovery stage, and these are listed below:

1. Written interrogatories

2. Deposition

3. The requests for admissions

4. The requests for production documents

It is possible for either party to receive discovery requests during civil litigation and if so, these must be responded to within a certain amount of time.

Finally, there is a possibility of the case settling at mediation, but if not the case will be decided upon in court. Consider retaining the services of Therman Law Offices Mt. Prospect to assist in any civil litigation case.

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