Stocking Mobile Portable Bars For Any Event

by | May 21, 2014 | Business

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Having mobile portable bars is a great way for a company or a business to be able to host events for clients, staff and colleagues in house, without the need to book a separate venue or to even hire catering staff. With mobile portable bars that can be dismantled and stored in a small space it is easy to have a professional looking set-up for a Christmas party, to celebrate a big contract or just to have a thank you event for clients or employees.

Planning what you need to have in mobile portable bars to cover what your guests want to drink is not as complicated as it may seem. There are several essential tools and glasses that you will require and those will allow you to serve any type of beverage in style.

Wine Glasses

Since mobile portable bars are designed to be compact and space saving you will not have room to store multiple types of wine glasses. Instead, opt for a general use red and a general use white wine glass. The red wine glasses will be larger and have a bigger bowl while the white wine glasses will be narrower and shaped more like a tulip. You can also opt for plastic wine glasses that are designed for both red and white if you are serving lots of people and don’t want to worry about washing glasses during the event.

Old Fashioned and Highball

The shorter, squat shaped old fashioned glasses are perfect for single mixed drinks and for alcohol that is served on the rocks. Highball glasses are ideal for mixed fancy drinks and can also double as beer glasses if you don’t want to stock those separately.


If you choose mobile portable bars with built in ice bins and cutting boards you are well ahead in you equipment needs. You should also consider having corkscrews and bottle openers on hand as well as sharp knives for cutting fruit for mixed drinks.

Stocking mobile portable bars is simple if you look for items, particularly glasses, which can be used for a variety of different drink options. Having built in shelves and counter space to mix and pour drinks will also help keep everything neat and organized throughout the event.

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