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by | Jun 10, 2014 | Business

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Interested in investing in a virgin hairpiece? Virgin hair wigs, weaves, and extensions are used by world-famous celebrities, and virgin hair is espoused by hair stylists as the best material of choice for hairpieces. Here’s what makes virgin hairpieces so desirable.

What is virgin hair?

Wigs that are said to use virgin hair are crafted entirely out of real human hair. In order for hair to be classified as “virgin,” it must have never been chemically altered or undergone harsh treatments. These processes include bleaching, dyeing, relaxing, and perming. Virgin hair standards also include a lack of exposure to drugs and cigarettes and undamaged hair cuticles.

How does virgin hair differ from synthetic/fake hair?

A high quality synthetic hairpiece can look and feel natural. However, synthetic hair is very sensitive to heat, and caution must be exercised so as not to damage the synthetic piece by over brushing or using a straightener or a curling iron. Unlike other materials, virgin hair does not tangle after a few washes. In addition, artificial hair has a very short lifespan. Virgin hair has been proven to the most versatile and the most long-lasting, as demonstrated by the comparative tests performed by Madira Virgin Hair Reviews.

Why choose virgin hair?

When searching for virgin hair wigs online, don’t be fooled by the deluge of advertisements claiming to carry 100% human hair pieces. While these products may indeed be constructed out of human hair, they are bound to be mixed in with synthetic fibers as well. When subjected to comparison tests demonstrating quality under extreme conditions, these mixed pieces will reveal themselves to be inauthentic virgin hair, and will react under these pressures like fake fibers do, while authentic virgin hair pieces will react like real hair is bound to do. Visit Virgin Review to learn the names of the most trusted virgin hair companies.

Remember that because the quality of virgin hair wigs are superior to synthetic wigs, virgin hair wigs must be cared for properly. It must be brushed, washed, conditioned, and moisturized on a regular basis, just like real hair.

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