Take The Entire Household To A Family Dentist In Redding

Nothing could be more fun than family activities. This may consist of taking a trip for the day to the park or going on vacation with everyone from youngsters to the grandparents in tow. Things just turn out well when everyone is together and this is frequently how the best memories are made. Taking care of the family and their dental problems can also be something that everyone can do together. Making sure your routine dentistry is up to date is a place where every member of the family should be involved. Seeing a Family Dentist in Redding is a great way to make sure everyone’s needs are met. When you visit a Family Dentist in Redding, each person from the youngest child with baby teeth to grandparents and great grandparents can be sure to see a doctor that cares. It not just a matter of being able to smile with the whitest smile, but is in fact an essential part of one’s health.

The dental group of Moore and Pascarella has been taking care of the dental needs of their California patients for many years. Serving their patients in Red Bluff, Redding and West Redding, California, they have made a point of providing gentle care to each person they see. Most of their visitors start with a general appointment for routine dental work. This general dentistry includes having a chart done of every tooth in the mouth to look for decay and problems that may be lurking. Xrays can further disclose whether more complex work is needed to maintain dental health. Cleanings with their dental hygienist is usually recommended on a yearly basis, but can be ordered more frequently depending upon the patient themselves and their own home care routine.

At this point should more complicated dental work be needed, team members are at the ready to provide a complete list of cosmetic dental techniques. This include veneers to cover cracked and chipped teeth, particularly in the front of the mouth. Dental implants and crowns can be used to fill in for missing and lost teeth. Nervous patients can be given sedation by the doctor for complex treatments if needed. For more information,

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