Teens Love Invisalign in Richmond VA

Jul 20, 13 Teens Love Invisalign in Richmond VA

Is your teen resistant to wearing braces? If you are having a difficult time convincing your child that braces are the way to beauty and dental health, perhaps you have an alternative that both of you can live with. Metal braces are unsightly and teens are highly-sensitive to criticisms from their peers. If your child needs mild to moderated teeth straightening, the invisible method by Invisalign Richmond VA can provide straight teeth without the distressing look of metal braces.

How Does Invisalign Work?

First, a visit to the dentist is required to examine your teen’s teeth and decide if she is a candidate for this method. Typically, X-rays, a cast impression and three-dimensional digital scans are taken of the top and bottom teeth. Next, the dentist will create custom-made plastic trays that fit over the teeth for straightening your child’s smile. Although there will be some pressure applied to the teeth, the plastic tray is virtually invisible and no one will know she is wearing it.

As part of the plan of Richmond Advanced Dental Care, new trays will be designed for your teen approximately every two weeks or longer. These trays slowly work to move the teeth and straighten them in increments over several months and up to two years. Invisalign Richmond VA is a powerfully effective method that works without the need of frequent appointments for adjusting, tightening and examining metal braces. Invisalign Richmond VA does not require the frequent appointments that may be involved with metal braces.

Better Oral Care with Invisalign

Often, braces can cause tooth decay because it requires a strong dedication to flossing, brushing and frequent dental hygiene. The best advantage of this method over braces is that the device is removable for oral hygiene and care. In addition, Invisalign Richmond VA can be easily removed for up to four hours a day for special occasions, eating and dental care.

A Beautiful Smile without Braces

If your teen is terrified of changing her appearance with metal braces, Invisalign is an exceptional method to straighten her smile without causing the incessant teasing of peers at school. As an invisible tray that fits easily over her teeth, she will be more compliant with her dental care and feel less self-conscious.



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