Teeth Whitening in Locust Valley, NY And How To Keep Your Bright Smile

Most people fail to realize how sensitive and important their teeth are. Teeth can easily start to deteriorate if they aren’t properly taken care of. One of the biggest problems for many people is discoloration. Teeth that aren’t brushed regularly tend to look off-white or yellowish. Some teeth can even suffer from “bleach spots” that can be difficult to get rid of. This is why many people attempt to whiten their teeth. Teeth whitening in Locust Valley, NY has become one of the most popular forms of treatment. Continue reading to find out how to avoid discoloration and how a whitening treatment can help you.

Why do teeth start to lose their color in the first place? There are a number of reasons for discoloration. Although teeth may appear to be smooth on the surface, if you look closely, you can see that there are tiny pores located on the surface. These tiny pores trap food and liquid. For instance, coffee has a tendency to stain teeth, because the liquid becomes trapped in the pores. This is why frequent coffee drinkers are advised to brush their teeth after drinking the beverage.
Teeth whitening in Locust Valley, NY is a procedure that seemingly reverses the effects of discoloration. Dentists will use a special bleaching system that helps to whiten the surface of your teeth. Most systems include special mixtures of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide interacts with the surface of the teeth by seeping into the pores at the surface. The chemical will bleach the pores and will get rid of any staining or yellowing.

You can expect the effects of the procedure to last for a couple of months. However, the longevity of the whitening will depend on how well the patient takes care of their teeth. Even though your teeth have been bleached, they can still become stained without an adequate dental hygiene regimen. In order to avoid discoloration you should stay away from liquids that can stain your teeth. Refrain from drinking sugary and dark beverages. You should also remember to brush your teeth often. Dentists recommend brushing and flossing as much as three times a day. For more information visit

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