Termite Infestation? Call in a Pest Control Expert in Wichita, Kansas

Each season can bring new pests into a home. Spiders, ants, rats and even bees will look to warm or cool places in a home for shelter from unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore Pest Control in Wichita, Kansas is often a process that continues throughout the year. In order to qualify for that designation a company has to ensure that their employees receive training on the latest trends in extermination. The company also has to perform drug tests and criminal background checks on every employee that is sent out into the field.

Termites are one of the most common and dreaded pests. If left untreated an infestation can destroy a home’s wood features such as steps and structural support beams. When the Pest Control in Wichita, Kansas expert arrives, he will perform a complete inspection of the home. Termites may already have caused such damage on a wood step or deck that portions of it will have to be replaced. The exterminator will then move quickly to treat the remaining portions of the home to prevent any future problems. After inspecting the yard, the exterminator may also recommend treating outside areas. Depending upon their findings, they may spray a six-foot barrier around the house or they may treat the entire yard. If the homeowner has wood piles located near the home, he will recommend that those be moved.

Everyone knows how important honey bees are to the environment. However when they end up building a hive in a wall, they become quite a nuisance for the homeowner. It can be very disconcerting to hear buzzing coming from inside their wall. The homeowner may think that they should by some spray insecticide and take matters into their own hands. This isn’t a good idea. The spray might not work fast enough and they could get badly stung. They exterminator may be able to save the honeybees by calling in a local beekeeper. After the bees have been removed, the exterminator will also clean up the remaining honey. This will prevent further infestations from animals drawn to the sweet treat.

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