Termite Infestation Signs And Prevention

Jul 31, 12 Termite Infestation Signs And Prevention

As a homeowner, a termite infestation may be one of your worst fears. This is justified, as termites can wreak havoc on a home. Small and appearing harmless, termites can destroy the framework of your home to the point that it requires complete renovation. Knowing about the conditions under which termites thrive and how to watch for signs of them can protect your home.

Termites in Freehold feed on dead wood. This is why the lumber used in home frames is so enticing. Termites can tear down wood with surprising speed, and an infestation can quickly become devastating. Even more than food, your home provides shelter from the elements. It also provides dark, damp spaces where termites can thrive. With them being so small and relatively inconspicuous, you may wonder how you can possibly protect your home from them.

The first and foremost tip is to keep an eye out. If you see even a single termite, you need to call an exterminator. Termites in Freeland live in colonies of hundreds, or even thousands. You can safely assume that where there is one, there are always many. You may see termites in your grass or around windows and doors. Another sure sign that termites are present are mud tubes on support piers, foundation walls, and floor joists. Become familiar with the appearance of these structures, as well as the insects themselves, so you will recognize them when you see them.

Other signs that termites may be present in your home are small holes appearing in your walls or what appear to be dark blisters appearing in wood flooring. Saw dust appearing along floor boards is also a sign. As termites in Freeland eat the wood in your home, they will leave behind a sawdust type of substance. This wood-like powder is a common sign that termites are present. If you want to check for the presence of termites, you can also tap the wood along your walls. Walls that are termite infested will have a hollow sound when knocked in this manner.

You can protect your home from a termite infestation in a few ways. Keeping the foundation of your home dry is very important. Ensuring that all wooden parts of your home’s foundation are at least six inches above the ground will prevent termites from entering, as will filling cracks or holes in your foundation and walls with cement. Regular inspections by a pest control service will help as well.

Termites in Freehold can prove devastating to your home. You can prevent an infestation by taking some basic precautions. You can also learn to watch for signs that Termites in Freehold may be invading your home and contact pest control services immediately if you suspect a termite presence.

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