The 411 On Dental Crowns In Ahwatukee, AZ

Taking care of your teeth is essential to good overall health. Did you know that a lot of people neglect this essential portion of their overall health? Good oral health is linked to longevity, it has been discovered. On the average, men are less likely than women to secure their oral health-care, relying primarily on “breakdown maintenance” rather than taking advantage of preventive measures. As a result, teeth loss occurs and many will lose as many as 5-6 teeth by the age of 72. What is to be done about the badly damaged teeth that occurs? Imagine Dental in Arizona suggests dental crowns. They apply Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee, AZ and want to give you the “heads-up” about dental crowns.

A crown, sometimes called a “cap” is placed over a tooth or teeth that are damaged or decayed. Some of the reasons for a crown are that the tooth is so irreversibly damaged that a filling will not help. The crown will hold together parts of cracked tooth. Crowns are either prefabricated or made to order, and consist of plastic or stainless steel. Your crown can be all metal, alloys like gold alloy or base-metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or ceramic. Your best choices for durability will be all metal or PFM. Crowns last on the average about seven years but can last up to 40 years or more.

If you are at the point of needing a crown, you probably also need endodontic work or a root canal. This is especially if you have a lot of decay in the tooth. The risk of infection is also incidental to the tooth pulp. Depending on how much of the tooth is damaged and decayed, you may require a foundation for the purpose of support.

Imagine Dental can assist you in the right choices about crowns for your teeth. Located in Ahwatukee, Arizona, they offer services in cosmetic dentistry, dentures, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics. They also do root canals, teeth whitening and veneers. To get service for your dental needs or to get Dental Crowns in Ahwatukee, AZ, contact Imagine Dental in Ahwatukee or the Phoenix area, or visit their website, Website to schedule an appointment.

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