The Advantages of an Asphalt Maintenance Riverside CA Program

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Asphalt is one of the most common covering materials our society uses, possibly even more so than concrete. It is often used on parking lots, driveways and roads and in certain cases it is used for roofing of commercial buildings as well. There are several reasons why asphalt is more popular than concrete for these applications. First, it is easy to apply with little structural support required unlike concrete which typically needs a substructure of steel reinforcing rods. Second it is easy to repair with simple patches while concrete often doesn’t patch well at all. Third, it is easy to replace and the old materials are quickly recycled. Of course concrete can also be recycled, but the process is a bit more difficult. Still, there is a small downside to this product. Asphalt doesn’t always age well without an Asphalt Maintenance Riverside CA program provided by companies like Precision Paving Company Inc.

Asphalt Maintenance Riverside CA is usually provided to maintain the structural integrity of the existing asphalt application. Problems are often apparent in these systems when the asphalt starts to crack or the surface becomes rugged or pitted. The causes of these problems are various, for example excessive moisture can wash away the asphalt over time or excessive heat can dry the binders in the oils which the asphalt is made from. If the problems are huge such as many cracks in the surface or a lot of corrosion and pitting the best option is resurfacing the old asphalt. To do this however, the contractor will need to ensure the cracks are properly filled and the surface is well cleaned of debris.

Once the new asphalt covering has cured your next option is to seal the system to prolong it’s useful lifetime. Sealing may not always be a part of the Asphalt Maintenance Riverside CA program, but it can certainly ensure you get your money’s worth from the job. Sealing the asphalt actually provides two benefits. First, it protects the asphalt surface from the elements. Second, it gives the asphalt a beautiful and uniform look which lasts much longer than the asphalt covering by itself. The advantage in curb appeal alone could be worth the cost of recovering and sealing your asphalt parking lot or driveway.

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