The Advantages Of Receiving Routine Cleanings Through A Dentist In Bethlehem

Pennsylvania dental patients receive a wealth of benefits from routine cleanings. A significant bonus is that most major dental insurance plans cover the cost of two dental cleanings each year.

The Advantages of Routine Cleanings

Through routine cleanings, a Dentist in Bethlehem can prevent gum disease. These cleanings are beneficial in removing plaque build-up. As you may know periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that is a direct result of these build-ups. As the plaque hardens over time, it transforms into tartar, which is difficult to remove with a standard toothbrush and requires dental tools to eliminate. A routine cleaning allows the dentist to combat tartar and prevent periodontal disease. The Dentist in Bethlehem of your choice offers these benefits to you after you schedule an appointment.

Next, routine cleanings prevent tooth loss. Teeth that have not been cleaned professionally could develop pockets within the gum line, which is a sign of gum disease. At this advance stage, the supporting bone that holds the root into place is damaged due to plaque build-up reaching down further toward the gum line. Routine cleanings can prevent tooth loss as the dentist can treat gum disease from worsening.

A Dentist in Bethlehem can produce a brighter smile through routine cleanings. Stains and discoloration are removed during the procedure. Stains such as those produced by tobacco and medications are eliminated through the use of proper dental tools that scrap away these residues. Patients who have severe stains should also acquire teeth whitening treatments to maximize results.

An examination of your teeth and gums is performed while your teeth are cleaned. It allows the dentist to discover any underlying conditions that could affect the patient’s overall oral health. The dentist can determine whether or not the patient is performing oral hygiene efforts correctly. For instance, conditions such as halitosis are common when oral hygiene efforts are failing.

As a General Dentist explains to patients, proper oral hygiene does not affect their mouths only. Tooth decay and gum disease lead to other health conditions such as carcinomas, infections, and heart disease. Statistics offered by the American Dental Association show a decrease in the number of patients who suffered strokes when oral hygiene is maintained properly.

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