The Advantages of Using a Full Service Contractor to Landscape in Maui

There is no shortage of lawn, tree, and landscape businesses in Hawaii. The State’s lush vegetation makes these services a profitable business. However, wise business managers and homeowners choose only full-service specialists, such as He-Man Family of Services. Whether customers need help to Landscape in Maui, or want assistance in maintaining their property, these experts offer solutions that include:

* TREE SERVICE: He-Man professionals can identify the trees on a property, and recommend a regimen that guarantees optimum growth and health. They will also inventory, map, and tag them. Specialists can assess trees’ ages, evaluate their health, and determine whether they should be removed or retained. In addition, arborists are trained to prune to ISA specs and standards. They also offer expert stump removal and grinding.

* IRRIGATION: Whether clients are adding irrigation systems to their homes, or building new homes, professionals at He-Man will help design custom systems that match client budget and aesthetic expectations, soil conditions, and other considerations.

* PEST CONTROL: Hawaii’s climate is the ideal breeding ground for pests such as the White Fly, which can disfigure and kill plants. However, He-Man experts can provide pest control services that protect against this and many other hazards. They keep landscaping safe from ants, mealy bugs, mites, and rodents. Treatments also eliminate centipedes, and roaches. Technicians offer emergency or at-need treatments, as well as monthly and quarterly services. They will develop protective plans for residential and commercial property.

* Landscaping: When customers need to develop or enhance a landscape in Maui and surrounding areas, He-Man experts provide exceptional options. Their staff focuses on creating a breathtaking first impression, using a combination of unique design and maintenance techniques. They monitor the grounds they care for, and provide health reports to property owners, while recommending needed enhancements. Technicians are specialists at creating exceptional commercial landscaping for resorts, campuses, office parks, HOA’s, and multi-family properties.

Hawaii is home to outstanding landscape experts who specialize in maintaining the area’s properties. They have the training and experience to care for the State’s many tree and plant species, as well as develop custom irrigation systems and provide effective pest control.

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