The Basics Of Dentures

Nov 02, 20 The Basics Of Dentures

When you are missing teeth, getting dentures in Arlington Heights can be the best way to get back your ability to chew and talk, control your facial muscles, provide support for a healthy jaw, and avoid the embarrassment that can come with missing teeth. Here are some of the basics of dentures to help you understand them a little better.

Dentures are a solution to missing teeth. They come in a variety of different types depending on your needs, including full, partial, upper, or immediate dentures, and are designed to fill in for your missing teeth, providing a healthy jaw and the ability to use your mouth for common tasks like chewing, smiling, and talking properly.

Dentures are custom-fitted after you have teeth extracted, or for cases where you lose teeth due to injury or disease. In some cases, you may require additional surgeries or treatments on your gums or the bones in your mouth to prepare them for artificial teeth. Since dentures are designed to create a smile that looks as natural as possible, the denture fitting will include x-rays, impressions, and choosing the color and shape of the dentures based on your other teeth and the shape of your mouth.

Once impressions are complete, they will be sent to a lab that makes custom dentures in Arlington Heights. Getting a custom fit will ensure that they are a comfortable and long-lasting solution.

Some dentures may require surgical implantation, while others will be removable and will not require surgery. In either case, when you receive the dentures, be sure to talk to your dentist or surgeon about proper care for dentures.

Since they are not your natural teeth, most dentures in Arlington Heights will require some time to get used to them. They may be slightly uncomfortable and feel strange at first, and it may take some practice to get used to doing things like eating and talking with them in your mouth. If you are experiencing excessive pain or irritation, though, talk to your dentist to make sure there are no problems.

Not all dentures in Arlington Heights will last forever, and sometimes they may need to be remade or relined because of normal wear and tear. As we age, our mouths also change, so they may need to be refitted to accommodate those changes.

Talk to your dentist about proper care for your dentures, especially with regard to cleaning the dentures and your mouth regularly. Dentures are an effective solution for missing teeth to help you get back the proper form and function of your mouth.

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