The Benefits and Drawbacks to Installing Pool Vinyl Siding in Westchester County

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Home and Gardens

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If you own a pool on your private property, or even operate one in a public establishment, from time to time you are going to need to think about major maintenance issues such as replacing the pool’s lining. Or maybe, you are constructing a brand new pool and you need to consider your options for the first ever lining to be installed.

For those that are considering Vinyl Siding in Westchester County as an option, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits and drawbacks to this particular type of pool lining:

  • Low initial cost –
  • Choosing to install Vinyl Siding Westchester County for your pool may be a more cost effective way to get things started. With a lower price point than other options such as fiberglass or concrete, many pool owners choose this option for the low cost alone.
  • Not the most beautiful interior finish –
  • While functional and effective for its intended use, this particular option does not necessarily offer the most visually appealing of pool interiors. It is not necessarily ugly by any means, but if you are interested in a high aesthetic value, you may want to consider other options.
  • Smooth and comfortable finish –
  • A vinyl lining ranks higher than many other options in terms of providing a smooth and comfortable feeling within the pool’s interior.
  • Fairly low maintenance requirements –
  • Vinyl pool linings are generally very easy to clean and maintain. This option will require much less work over time than other options, such as concrete.
  • Not very durable –
  • While maintenance requirements are low, it is important to note that vinyl is among the least durable of pool interior options. If you are not careful, or have young children that are sometimes careless in their actions, you may experience tearing in the lining.
  • Mid-level energy efficiency –
  • While it doesn’t offer the best in energy efficiency for your pool, vinyl lining certainly isn’t the worst option available to you either. Installing this type of lining should keep your energy consumption within a fairly affordable range.
  • Lower resale value –
  • If you are considering the possibility of selling your property at any time, it may be worth noting that pools using this particular type of lining generally have a lower resale value than some of their more expensive alternatives.

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