The Benefits Of A Holistic Vet Clinic

by | May 17, 2014 | Animal Health

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Holistic and alternative types of medical treatments are more and more commonly recognized in Western medicine and veterinary practices. It was not too long ago that treatments such as acupuncture, massage and bodywork were seen only as alternative to traditional treatment for many conditions. Now they are seen as the primary treatment option for many animals in a holistic vet clinic.

A holistic vet clinic is different than a traditional western veterinary medicine clinic. However, you will find traditional or conventional veterinary medical procedures offered at holistic vet clinics as well. The most important difference, for most humans and their pets, is that there are more options available than just the traditional surgeries, treatments and medications offered through traditional practices.

A Whole Pet Approach

As a pet owner you are used to the traditional approach to treating any health issues with pets, which is very similar to how we are treated by our doctors. We provide a list of symptoms, the vet checks out our pet, and then he or she provides a prescription or recommends a treatment to cure the symptoms.
The holistic vet clinic approach is much different. The symptoms are seen as a manifestation of an imbalance within the pet’s entire system. Treating the systems is important, but so is determining what the root cause of the issue is and treating or correct that imbalance to bring about true health.

Options Offered

You may be surprised to find out just how advanced holistic veterinary treatment for pets really is. Depending on the root cause of the health issue a holistic vet may recommend treatments such as Tui-Na massage, stem cell therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, herbal healing, chiropractic sessions, flower essence care or ozone therapy.

In some cases these options may be combined with aspects of traditional veterinary medicine. As the pet owner you will be provided with information about each of the recommended treatments and the vet will keep you informed of any changes in the therapy or treatments recommended.

Of course, a holistic vet clinic also provides basic medical health care for your pet. This will include preventative types of procedures such as spaying and neutering along with emergency medical care, dentistry, diagnostic and lab procedures as well as hospitalization and surgical procedures when required. Holistic Veterinary Healing provide both traditional as well as holistic treatments for pets of all types. For more information on our vet clinic and services visit us at

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