The Benefits of a Real Estate Attorney

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Lawyer

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Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, so it is important to understand the process as well as the legal documents involved with the buying process. Although a real estate agent plays an important role in helping you find the home of your dreams, a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC will help to ensure you understand the contract you will be signing.

Buying or selling a home involves a tremendous amount of paperwork, some of which can be completely overwhelming due to the technical and legal terms used. A Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville NC can read the drafted contract and advise you on things such as if you should agree to the terms of the current contract or if you should counteroffer with your own terms. Your Real Estate Lawyer at Lake Law Office in Huntersville, NC will also make sure that all documents relating to the home are correct and legal.

For example, an attorney from Lake Law Office, PLLC can trace the history of the homes title to make sure their are no liens on the home. Any claims or liens on the home may prevent you from taking possession of the home or the claim or lien can come back to you after taking possession of the home, so it is important to verify a clear title through your attorney. Your attorney will also draw up the contract for you and attend the closing with you to ensure everything is correct.

If you are selling your home, it is also important to have an attorney help you with these legal documents, such as assisting you with accepting or denying an offer made by a potential buyer. Your attorney will be able to advise you on counteroffers for potential buyers as well as help you complete the legal documents following the sale of the home. One of the most important things your real estate attorney can do is to check the history of the home to make sure there are no claims against the current owners that may interfere with you taking possession of the home. If there are problems with the home that were not disclosed at the time of sale, your attorney will also be able to advise you on how to handle the situation.

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