The Benefits of a Tracking System

GPS—Global Positioning System—combines two sources of information to locate a vehicle anywhere on the planet and collect data to use for fleet management. Vehicles fitted with GPS systems have the benefit of being able to be located at any point and time, using data that is fed through the system and transmitted to cellular devices or other networked computers.

Most vehicles can be fitted with one of two types of tracking system, including passive and active. A ‘Passive’ systems are like silent passengers, whereby they are simply store data, such as location, speed, directional heading and other data connected with the vehicle and the journey. However, Active systems take that same data but are able to upload it and transmit it to another source for record collection and data analysis. Modern systems, however can now act like flash drives and be both passive and active in data recording an profiling that particular vehicle.

Features and Benefits of a Tracking System

One of the major benefits that tracking can clearly help you with is in the event that your vehicle is stolen. You may be a fleet manage or business owner and you carry and transport valuable and perishable items. In the event that your vehicle is suddenly lost you are able to locate it within a certain triangulation and hopefully retrieve it quickly and safely.

Other benefits are that fleet managers can record data from each of their fleet vehicles with a GPS tracking system and keep records of their performance. Many drivers have been caught taking advantage of employers vehicles, using them for personal reasons, using company fuel and generally lowering productivity. However, with a tracking device installed it is easier to keep a track of each of your company vehicles and make sure they are used only for that which they are intended.

Keeping track of city and government vehicles is important for the safety of the drivers as well as the passenger they carry. City transit buses, for example are now generally fitted with GPS systems. In fact as far back 2009 at least fifty percent of all buses in the United States were already using them. The figure now is closer to seventy-five percent.

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