The Benefits of Educational Bath Toys

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Gifts, Shopping

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Children love taking baths. They love to explore the fun of splashing the water around and experience the different properties of water moving around them. Bath time can be more than just a daily chore that has to be done. It is an excellent time to broaden the learning capabilities of your child by using educational kids bath toys. There are many different ways you can get the most from your child’s bath toys.

Have Different Options Available

It is a smart choice to keep different varieties of kids bath toys on hand. Children want choices and different kinds will support learning in various areas. The toys should be made well, safe, and age appropriate. Children will often lose interest in toys that have possibilities that are limited. Select bath toys that have many different uses. Babies and toddlers need lots of interaction. Spend time playing games and incorporating their toys so they will be encouraged to use their imagination.

Young children and babies are fascinated by running water. Having containers and cups of all shapes and sizes will allow them to pour water and watch it flow. There are educational toys that offer expansion on this idea. Some toys offer shapes and faces that are comical. Others have long lasting appeal that even after the thrill of pouring wears off they can use the toys in other ways.

Keep It Entertaining

Look for toys that are in bright colors and shapes that will help children recognize the names of the colors. Some of these sets are stackable and hollow which allows children to continue pouring and also building. When a child learns to recognize similarities and differences in toys it helps them develop important cognitive skills.

Some kids bath toys can demonstrate propulsion by being wind up or pulled by a string as the objects glide across the water. Kids love to watch toys that move and bump into obstacles. Kids also love toys that are musical or noisy. They just love the sounds.

Another great activity is one that makes bubbles. Bubbles provide an introduction to physics and chemistry. Bubbles expand with air and ultimately will pop. This encourages kids to laugh and to create more. There are all kinds of interesting concepts that can be developed with a simple bubble bath.

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