The Benefits of Fiber Optic Cables

One of the most recent and profound advances in data transmission is the use of 10GB Aqua fiber optic cable. To appreciate how these modern marvels operate will go a long way in understanding why they are utilized in so many network systems. There are indeed many types of cable available and one such type is a 10GB Aqua Fiber Optic Cable. So, let us take a quick look at how this cable functions and some of the benefits that it can offer the user.

Data Capacity

Fiber optic cables make use of pulses of light to transmit data between two points. Information is converted into photons (particles of light) at one end and sent through the cable to the intended recipient. Due to the principles of the cable itself, very little data will be lost in transmission. These cables are also much lighter than coaxial alternatives or traditional metal types. Furthermore, a massive amount of data can be handled at any give time due to the fact that the pulses of light are extremely tiny.

Different Ratings

Of course, there are a number of different types of cable. This will normally be a result of the capacity of data that can be transmitted. One of the most common types of cables is the previously mentioned 10GB Aqua Fiber Optic Cable. While aqua simply refers to its color, the main advantage with this cable is the fact that as its name denotes, it can handle up to ten gigabytes of data at a given time. Naturally, the total amount will vary depending on the reception capabilities of the recipient as well of the computing power of the sender. However, this type of cable is ideal for use in the transmission of high-definition video, telephony and within VoIP networks.


Different environments will require different levels for these cables. The 10GB Aqua Fiber Optic Cable makes use of a material called plenum. In essence, this is an excellent substance for preventing fires. Thus, such a condition is often times required in work and office environments. Fire codes will ultimately determine as to whether this type of cable is necessary.

These are but a few of the key features that have allowed the 10GB Aqua Fiber Optic Cable to prove itself to be an extremely popular choice for 21st century data reception and transmission. This type of cable is expected to remain the mainstay of numerous organizations well into the future.

The 10GB Aqua Fiber Optic Cable is available in varying lengths. To learn more, please visit for a better understanding.


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