The Benefits of Hiring a Company Over a Private Housekeeper

When most people make the decision to hire a housekeeping service, they are typically met with a big choice: a company or individual housekeeper? Though you will be able to find a both a service and an individual Housekeeper In Salt Lake City to meet your needs, you will probably quickly find that there are plenty of benefits when you choose a service over an individual. If you want to know why a service is better than an individual Housekeeper In Salt Lake City, read on:

Company vs. Individual

The first thing you should know when choosing between a company vs. and individual for your house cleaning is that with a company, you will typically have a team of cleaners and with an individual, it is just one. You will also find that the team can clean much quicker and will probably have access to more powerful cleansers, even going as far as using pet friendly or kid friendly options. An individual who works for themselves will probably not be able to offer that.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a company over an individual is that you will find that companies are insured and bonded…almost all individuals are not. Sure, they may say they won’t sue you if they fall or have an accident in your home, but more often than not, they will…and you will be held liable. With a company who has their own insurance, this simply won’t happen. Another legal issue that you may run into has to do with taxes. A company will pay all of their taxes but an individual probably won’t. You could get into big trouble by paying them under the table.

More Benefits of Hiring a Company

You will also find that companies often will offer a bigger range of services, they have state of the art equipment, the cleaners will have a supervisor that they report to and they will do all they can to ensure your satisfaction. They also will put their employees through a professional background check, something that can be more difficult for you.

If you are at the crossroads between choosing a professional company or an individual housekeeper, do yourself a favor and choose the professional company. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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