The Benefits of Private Duty Home Care

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Health Care

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Private Duty Home Care offers many benefits to both you and your elder loved one. For you, expect peace of mind and reduced stress and for your senior, you can depend on them to have a much improved quality of life. There is nothing like the familiarity and comforts of home when you are aging and a private duty home care nurse allows your senior to enjoy their home throughout their old age.

Nursing Home Vs. Home Care

Moving to a nursing home at the onset of old age can be very traumatizing. The loss of personal belongings that can not fit into the smaller space in addition to feelings of displacement can make the entire process much more stressful. Instead of putting your senior through this type of transition, why not consider private duty home care? This alternative is much more appealing and allows them the benefit of retaining their dignity as they age. Your senior may need more personalized attention than a once a week visit can provide them and with this type of home care, they can expect the highest quality of personalized attention to ensure their complete health and ongoing well being.

When you consider what type of care your loved one will need, you may want to take many different things into consideration such as:

* DIET – Are they accustomed to traditional and cultural foods? If so they may need an attendant that knows how to make their favorite dishes.

* GROOMING – Do they need assistance getting dressed? You will need to find a caregiver who can do this daily.

* COMPANIONSHIP – Are they sociable and need someone to converse with? Old age can be isolating and finding a good caretaker who can provide companionship will be a boon.

* MEDICATION – Are they taking any special medication? A private duty home care nurse can provide them with the medication reminders they need.

* WORSHIP – Do they need time to meditate and spend in prayer? If so, you must find someone who can allow them this much needed quiet time and   reflection.

* TRANSPORTATION – They may need to go shopping for birthday and Christmas presents. A good private duty nurse can help with this.

Consider these points when looking for the best care for your senior. If you live in the DC or Maryland area, then Capital City Nurses can offer you the perfect solutions. Consider them in your search for private duty home care and find out more when you go online at

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