The benefits of security guards

Theft is a growing problem in today’s society and business owners are becoming more and more aware of the need to employ security guards. A theft or robbery can be a devastating event and some businesses may not recover afterwards. Unfortunately, it is too late after the event to hire a security guard so business owners must be proactive and implement security measures before an unfortunate incident occurs. Many specialist companies can provide advice and offer solutions regarding security guards in Bristol. Business owners should liaise with these companies about their requirements so they can obtain tailor-made advice.

A visible presence

A visible security presence in a retail environment is a great deterrent to thieves. Most retailers have a security guard patrolling in Bristol their shop floor and looking out for potential shoplifters. This physical presence shows customers that the company takes security seriously and gives them the impression that they are shopping in a secure environment. Wannabe thieves will not risk getting caught in the act by a guard and so will often target businesses that do not have adequate security measures. A visible security presence can also serve to dissuade staff members from stealing from the business. They may perform random checks on employees to ensure theft does not occur. Moreover, a security guard may accompany any employee within a business location while they are carrying cash. It may be the end of their shift and they are taking the cash from sales to the main office.

Covert security

Some business owners may not want security guards on patrol and therefore choose to adopt more covert security measures. It may be that a security guard is located in a central control room constantly monitoring footage being fed from the company’s various CCTV cameras. They can be watching out for potential thieves whilst at the same time looking out for the customer’s safety. If they spot anything untoward they can proceed to the area in question and provide assistance as they see necessary. Furthermore, the CCTV footage can be used, along with the security guard’s testimony if ever a prosecution was pursued. offer expert advice to business owners regarding security guards in Bristol and can provide solutions for any businesses needs.

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