The Benefits of Solar Marine Lights

When boating at night or in hazardous conditions, effective lighting is essential to operating safely. In addition to navigational and docking lighting, your boat should be appropriately outfitted with small task lights both inside and out. Boat ramps and the surrounding areas should be well lit as well. Failure to maintain proper lighting can result in a dangerous operating environment. For years, traditional battery powered lights have been the go to light for marine application. However, solar marine lights are quickly rising in popularity. Solar marine lighting provides many benefits over traditional lighting. Read on to learn just a few of the reasons why.

Solar marine lighting is completely self contained and requires zero maintenance. Unless cracked or otherwise damaged, a solar powered light bulb will not ever need to be replaced. However, solar marine lights are extremely durable and should not see any serious damage under normal operation. Like with other things made for your boat, solar marine lighting is very seaworthy. Most models are extremely resistant to the damage than can be caused as a result of constant sun and water exposure. Another benefit of solar marine light, it can operate for several hours off of a single charge.

Even when the sun goes down, solar lighting still shines bright using backup battery storage. Some models can operate for up to three weeks without sunlight! On average, marine lighting lasts anywhere from five to eight years. Your supplier should provide a warranty for the light for at least a portion of this time. A three year warranty is standard. Solar marine bulbs promote boat safety and are very easy to for even a novice user to use and install. Detailed instructions are provided with purchase, and installation videos are readily available online. Various types of solar marine lighting can generally be purchased at any marine supply store or specialty online retailer.

Solar lighting also benefits the environment. It improves your boat’s carbon footprint, reduces battery waste, and makes good economic sense. The sun’s power is clean, abundant, and free. Why not use it to make it work for you?

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