The Best Hardwood Floors in Westport, CT Come in a Variety of Woods

Hardwood Flooring is beauty, style and classic home modernization. There are so many woods to chose from, and these woods also have the highest rating on a scale which rates the hardness of the wood. This scale gives a good idea about the wood and its long-lasting appearance. However, the cost of these woods is the highest on the cost scale. There are other less expensive and beautiful woods. These will perform nearly as well. Hardwood Floors Company in Westport CT can be a lovely and cost effective choice in flooring.

The reclaimed woods from old east coast factories built in the 1800’s are being finished into beautiful, solid hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring from the tobacco curing barns are the most interesting, and perhaps in many ways, this is the most charming of all hardwoods. Some of the exotic woods from Brazil are also very beautiful and intriguing.

Many of the wood flooring materials are actually made of engineered wood. This wood is composed of several layers of wood products, which provides strength and durability. The top layer is the actual hardwood that you are buying. These flooring products are covered with a protective Aluminum oxide finish to prevent marring and scuffing. This flooring is engineered in 5 ply wood. The oxide coating gives the flooring the hardness of diamonds. Aluminum oxide is second only to a diamond in hardness, making today’s hardwood flooring tougher and longer lasting.

An important consideration is the kind of floor the hardwood will be installed on. These are the most common:

  • Basement concrete
  • Concrete floor without a basement
  • Plywood sub-floor which is installed at ground level

Specialists in Hardwood Floors Westport CT will advise the homeowner on the type of flooring and the method of installation required. There are some very beautiful and less costly flooring materials that the homeowner should consider:

  • Hard Maple
  • Natural Bamboo
  • Australian Cypress
  • White Oak
  • White Ash
  • American Beech
  • Red Oak
  • Yellow Birch

It may be necessary for the flooring to set in the house before installation to get acclimated to the environment. This will prevent warping and separation issues once the flooring has been installed. Many floors will not need to be acclimated, but it is best to check with the flooring company ahead of time.

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