The Best Sprinkler Systems for Water Conservation in Wichita KS

The landscape plan depends largely on plants-all the green color and beautiful flowers make the place look beautiful. This is why they must be taken care of every single day. A part of this care plan involves watering them so that they do not wither. To do this, you need an efficient and durable sprinkler system. This is why you need to repair your broken down system for Water Conservation in Wichita KS. Here are some of the reasons why you need to conserve water during the summer.

The lawn

Grass is very sensitive especially to a lot of heat. During the summer, it might turn to the color of straw if not watered. You have to ensure that this never happens by giving it enough water. Usually, you have to sprinkle enough water to leave the ground under the grass soaking. This will ensure that the grass has enough water to take in all day.


Flowering plants also need to be watered well. This will ensure that they grow well and blossom in time. Normally during hot months, you can water the plants at least twice a day. They do not need as much as the lawn grass needs since they retain moisture. But you do have to ensure that the ground around the flowers is soaked.


You only need to water trees when they are young. When they grow older, they can absorb water from underground water systems through their roots. Young trees have to be nurtured well in order for them to grow well. You might not need a sprinkler for this, but you can use a hose. However, in hot summer sun, some people sprinkle water on tree leaves to get rid of excess heat.

Shrubs and hedges

These are the most crucial because they are trimmed often. In order for them to grow thicker, they must be well watered. When one applies fertilizer, it also needs water to get absorbed by the plants. They can be watered together with the lawn to stay green and healthy.

For good Water Conservation in Wichita KS you need a good sprinkler system. Rain Link, Inc. is the place to go for installations and repairs. They have attentive service that is available all the time and fully stocked service vans.

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