The Best Tin Ceiling Finish for Your Brooklyn Home

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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If you have decided to get a tin ceiling installed, you will quickly realize that making a tile selection is not easy. Some installers that offer these products like Abingdon Construction Brooklyn provide so many different patterns and finishes that the choices can seem overwhelming. However, this decision should be approached like any other aspect of interior design. By weighing all the relevant factors you can choose a pattern that reflects your taste and provides an elegant image.

With any type of tin ceiling Brooklyn NY natives will also have to think about expert installation. These products have been in use since the early 1900s, and a few companies have a long history of working with them. To keep your ceiling design project simple, choose a company that offers both sales and installation of metal ceiling tiles. A few have a lot of experience with these products, and they can help you to choose the right type for your design needs.

If you already have a plaster or sheetrock ceiling in place, this will have to be removed before your metal ceiling can be installed. This is due to the fact that the craftsman will need enough room around each tile to nail it in. The installation itself will not take long, especially when handled by an experienced company. Generally, these companies can finish an installation project within a few weeks, but it depends on the size of the rooms.

To ensure that a customer can get the perfect tin ceiling, many companies offer different finishes from which to choose. Stainless steel, copper plated and chrome plated are just a few of the popular choices among buyers. These types of tin ceilings should not be painted, but many other types can be painted if necessary. The finish must not clash with your furniture or wall color. Instead, opt for a finish that helps to create the perfect harmony. Visit to get these products at reasonable prices from the right dealers. Keep in mind that these tiles are very strong and low maintenance, so they will continue to pay off in years to come.

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