The Best Types of Restaurant Signs in Huntington Beach

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Business

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There are many ways to advertise a restaurant, but the most effective one is surely the sign. Even with plenty of newspaper or even TV advertising, people won’t be able to find an eatery if they don’t know which building contains it! Therefore, it’s important to make sure to have a highly visible outdoor sign at your establishment.

Several options exist for outdoor restaurant signage. The best ones are self-illuminated so that it’s easy to read the name of the eatery even at night. Even though the most common ones are often called “neon” signs, modern retail building signage actually uses fluorescent tubes that are encased within custom-shaped individual letters. These signs can require quite an investment, but they’re well worth it. They’re so worth it, in fact, that almost all businesses that deal with the public have them.

For small establishments, such signs may not be within the immediate budget. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for an ineffective sign that’s hard to read. Instead, try a cabinet sign. This type of sign still has encased fluorescent tubing that makes it easy to see at night, but replaces the expensive custom-shaped lettering with a flat panel. The name or logo of the restaurant is painted on this panel so that the light will shine through it and give it an attention-getting glow. Such Restaurant Signs in Huntington Beach are often found mounted over eateries that are located in strip malls. They may also be used on big signs outside of strip malls to advertise all of the businesses in the shopping center.

True neon-tube signs are fairly rare, but they do exist. They are often used to supplement branded restaurant signs in Huntington Beach. Neon signs that simply advertise a restaurant’s “open” status are likely the most common, but restaurants that have a liquor license may use them to advertise brands of beer or the simple fact that they have liquor available. Even though these signs look cool and have a catchiness to them, they can’t beat the visibility of fluorescent-lit signage. Therefore, the more-visible type of sign will be used to advertise the restaurant itself. Click here to know more!

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