The choices are difficult

Although death is inevitable, it still leaves one to make some difficult decisions. Whether the decision is being made for yourself or for a loved one who has just passed away is mute, the disposition of the remains must be made; burial or cremation are the two choices. Many factors enter into the decision; the religion of the deceased if often the most important as is cost, concern for the environment and other factors that are personal in nature.

It is typically less expensive when cremation is the choice; wooden cremation urns are far less costly than the wooden coffin counterpart. This cost issue does depend somewhat on how far the crematory is; it is more expensive if the body has to be transported for some considerable distance. When cremation is chosen the family or survivor can eliminate the cost of the casket, the burial plot, head stone and the expenses associated with preparing the deceased for viewing. Although many people do erect a headstone to remember the deceased, it does not have to be in a cemetery, it can be placed anywhere including the grounds of the family home.

Although a number of expenses can be eliminated, not all expenses fall into this category. It may still be necessary to dispose of the ashes contained in wooden cremation urns. If the deceased left a wish that his remains be scattered at sea for example it will be necessary to arrange for and pay for this service but even at that, these services are invariably less expensive than an in-ground burial.

A genuine concern is the religious beliefs of the deceased and the immediate family. There are religions that prohibit cremation, these feelings must be considered. Although it is no longer the case, at one time Roman Catholics could not be cremated. This ban was dropped in the middle of the 20th century. It is not necessary to say mass prior to the cremation so mass can be said with the cremated remains present.

The bottom line is really to provide a service that best suits the wishes of the deceased and the family. Both burial and cremation have their plus points as well as their negative points, in death there is no right or wrong.

Remembrance Memorial Urns produce wooden cremation urns; although modern, retain a timeless beauty and built to standards which will last for many years.

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