The Demand For Continuous Blending Technology

by | May 29, 2015 | Tools & Equipment

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As the demand throughout the world grows for a broad range of soft drinks, beer, bottled water and non-carbonated beverages, there is a matching need for companies to provide more efficient and capable means to meet these demands.  The latest technology can provide a beverage processing company with many solutions. Among one of the more common and desirable approaches is continuous blending systems.

What Is Continuous Blending?

Continuous blending (or continuous stream blending) is an approach to the overall mixing of components to create the perfect, e.g. high quality and affordable, beverage. It is the blending of various liquid multi-components to create the specified product. In general, the entire process consists of:

 * Main pipeline fed by the different ingredients awaiting dosing
 * Dosing sections
 * Feeding pumps
 * De-aerating vessels
 * Controlling meter technology monitoring for amounts, quality, quantity and other related aspects of the drink mixing procedure

These are combined to create a fluid high precision mixing of the batch of drinks. It varies in one very distinctive manner from the older system. There are no mixing tanks. There is no batch system in play.

Why Opt for a Continuous Blending System?

If a company wishes to be successful in the beverage industry, it is important that it obtain the most out of its raw materials. At the same time, it needs to maintain high quality and be cost-effective. These are the demands a beverage processing company faces if it wants to be a force in the market place.  It is also the reason many companies are opting for a continuous blending system.

Continuous Blending Systems:

 * Provide high precision mixing – it is highly accurate in the mixing of the ingredients
 * Reproduce the quality with continuity
 * Are highly flexible – the number of potential combinations and number of components is high
 * Reduce the amount of space required in a factory by eliminating mixing tanks
 * Cut down on overhead costs by eliminating mixing tanks
 * Only retain low amounts of the ingredients in the continuous blending system
 * Are accurate in all aspects due to the precise monitoring by meters and other controllers
 * Are easy to utilize and manage
 * Allow for faster turn around
 * Are available in specified sizes to address small and large demands
 * Are compatible with other aspects of the processing system including carbonation

It is obvious why many beverage processing industries are turning towards new technology such as continuous blending systems. They can eliminate costly and less efficient methods of production. Overall, companies realize the ability of continuous blending systems to improve production methods while being cost-effective and retaining high quality, safety and continuity.

Continuous Blending is one mean of helping your company ensure high-quality products efficiently and effectively. If you are wondering about compatibility and other related issues, talk to the professionals at TechniBlend. We can provide you with the answers and make several knowledgeable suggestions. Whatever your beverage production needs, we are there to lend our expertise. To discover what we can bring to your plant visit us at

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